The HSBC Building has a unique architectural design

  While vacationing in Hong Kong, if you want to spend an easy going day, you should visit Repulse Bay. This exotic region is located in the southern part of the Hong Kong. Centuries back, this bay has experienced several pirate attacks. But today, it has emerged as an upscale residential area where you can enjoy world class dining and thrilling aquatic adventure. This area is one of the best regions for picnics. Therefore, thousands of families take flights to Hong Kong especially to visit Repulse Bay. Besides swimming and other aquatic activities, the area is also famous for its barbeque racks, supermarkets and sophisticated cafes. Another attraction in the bay is the Zhenhai Tower Park. This traditional Chinese styled park is home to huge statues of God of Mercy and Queen of Haven.

  The HSBC Building has a unique architectural design. One of its most significant characteristics is the lack of an internal support structure. Another important feature is that natural light is the primary source of light for the Bank. Huge mirrors that are located at the top of the tower’s atrium reflect sunlight throughout the atrium and into the lower sections of the tower thus conserving energy. All of the structure’s flooring consists of lightweight mobile panels that were installed for facilitating the quick set up of office equipment. The bank’s headquarter is also renowned for housing large sculptures of lions that are considered to bring luck and good fortune to the business.