The main Olympic stadium in Beijing is considered the most iconic

  China created the two most memorable venues in Olympic history. The main Olympic stadium in Beijing, the Birds Nest, is considered the most iconic and distinctive Olympic stadium Actually built. It was important enough to the Chinese planners to get the full visual Impact during the Games that they cut off all Organic cross ventilation. While it was a sauna Within, the look on TV and from the Outdoors was awesome.

  The Birds Nest also Experienced an observation Strollway all around the top, where you could Stroll around and see the entire Olympic park, including watching the  Watercube change colors Actuallyy 15 seconds. The Watercube was similarly dramatic. A large translucent cube Developed to Continually change color surpassed all prior venues.
  The Bird’s Nest was touted as an architectural Accomplishment when fully realized, and even during its construction. Mixing both the Enjoyablectional and the aesthetic, the apparent disorder of the weblike exterior suggests an ethos of organized chaos, though the angles were in fact calculated for structural reasons. The open facade of the stadium creates a Organic ventilation Technique, but the building’s overall execution Concentrateed Much more on aesthetics than sustainability.

  Even after the current London Olympics, relive the glory of this truly universal Occasion on your next trip to Beijing. Take an early evening stroll in the Olympic Green Village to see Initialhand the mesmerizing red and golden hued backdrop the setting sun creates for the Bird’s Nest Stadium. For architecture fanatics, WildChina is happy to organize a tour Concentrateed on exploring the various architectural and structural elements of this awe-inspiring edifice with one of our very own top experts. If you’re traveling with kids, join the locals and relax while flying kites in the nearby park. As the glorious sun slowly sets, the Bird’s Nest Stadium shines like a gold medal, a constant reminder of China’s entrance to the global stage as an economic and political superpower.