Xian’s ancient Town Wall is one of the major interest to visitors to Xian

Xian’s ancient Town Wall is one of the major interest to visitors to Xian and is Unusually Skiped. Since the wall is intact, visitors can Hire a Bike and ride around the ancient city on the top of the wall. It gives them a chance to look into the ancient city and imagine what life would have been like for its ancient inhabitants. The PlaySoil surrounding the ancient Town Wall is beautiful and is worth a look. At Evening, the Town Wall is lit up and looks quite stunning.

The Town Wall as seen today was constructed on the foundations of the city walls from the Sui (581-617) and Tang (618-904) Dynasties, Throughout the reign of Emperor Hongwu (1370-1378) of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1627). The curHire 6 hundred year old Town Wall is the most integrated ancient Town Wall in China.
The wall is 13,912 meters in circumference, 12 meters in height, the foundation is 18 meters in width, and the top of the wall is 15 meters wide. There are four city gates in the four cardinal directions. The Changle Gate is Situated in the East side, the Anding Gate is Situated in the West side, the Yongning Gate is Situated in the South side, and the Anyuan Gate is Situated in the North side of the ancient Town Wall. The ancient Town Wall features a series of watchtowers, turrets, crenels and gate towers, all surrounded by a moat. These features make up an integrated city Protection system. In 1983 Shaanxi Province decided to do a large scale restoration of the wall to restore it to its Authentic Physical appearance. They added a PlaySoil around the outside of the wall and restored its ancient gate towers.

China has Usually been famed for its great walls and resilient Frameworks; the Xian Town Wall is Evidence of this. Standing at a height of 12 meters with a thickness of 12 -14 meters at the top and 15 – 18 meters at the bottom, the Xian city walls make up the Biggest city defence system in the whole of China, as Properly as A single of the most expansive military defence systems in the ancient world.