Beidaihe has been able to keep its sleepy

  Surprisingly, Beidaihe has been able to keep its sleepy, laid-back atmosphere despite growing numbers of outside visitors to the seaside resort town during the previous few years. Large numbers of ordinary Chinese individuals and a scattering of overseas tourists, mainly Russian, inundate the sleepy seaside town during summer time, robbing the town of the exclusive air which existed before the beginning of China’s reform period in 1978.

  The gorgeous and mysterious Beidaihe has ever attracted numerous guys of the times in Chinese history. It’s within this location that Initial Emperor of Qin Dynasty built xanadu, Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty built the “Hanwu Dais”, and that Cao Cao composed the famous lyric-Viewing Boundless Ocean. The arrival of such outstanding persons in ancient China has produced Beidaihe a mysterious and much more attractive location.
  Within the central region of the scenic spot is really a excellent attraction called The Tiger Stone Marine Park. It occupies an area of 33,000 square meters. It has many massive rocks looking like a herd of tigers. Standing on any from the rocks gives you a deep enjoyment from the beautiful nature. The sea breeze pushing against your face, and also the waves beating the rocks, the vast sea will make you feel refreshed and energetic. In addition to, it is a great spot for photography.