Nyingchi City is regarded as because the ‘South of the Yangtze River’ of Tibet

Encircled by Himalaya, Nyenchhen Tanglha Mountains and also the Hengduan mountains, Nyingchi City is regarded as because the ‘South of the Yangtze River’ of Tibet. Situated in the reduce reaches of Yarlung Tsangpo River, it has an average elevation of approximately 9,843 feet. Its unique geographical location contributes to its numerous tourist resources, the appealing valley, beautiful lake, splendid waterfall, majestic mountains, thick forest also as the ancient Buddhist temples.

Visiting Nyingchi city at correct time tends to make the tour more mesmerizing. Climate in Nyingchi city is usually wet and rains heavily from October to April. But this rain makes the city much more gorgeous and very charming. Nyingchi city’s tourism has a inseparable part and that is shopping in the city area. Hong Kong Street in Bayi is among the most famous locations within the city to shop. Most bought products within this city will be the famous Chinese green tea, woolen blanket, plants of medicinal significance and locally produced handicrafts.

Around the reduce reaches of the Yalutsanpo River in southeast Tibet, Nyingchi is some 3,000 meters above sea level. It features a moist weather along with a beautiful all-natural scene. The Monba and Lhoba ethnic individuals living right here have their very own distinctive habits and customs. The Namjagbarwa Peak, the world-known Yalutsanpo Canyon, the Lake Pagsumtso, Chayu and Bome attract vacationers from home and abroad with their unique all-natural sceneries.