Lychee Wan Chung

  How can you miss this fascinating and charming place recovered from 2,000 years ago?
  Taking a wooden boat in this water town on the emerald green water you can enjoy stunning vistas and traditional buildings presenting the Lingnan culture along the banks.

  Its history can be traced back to 206 the Han Dynasty. Because of its beautiful scenery with a number of river branches and luxuriant Lychee trees, it was turned into a Royal Garden and a summer resort. In the Tang Dynasty when the fruit of Lychee was ripe, the emperor and his family members and high officials would come to stay there for a time enjoying the sweet fruit. The decline of Lychee Wan started in the 40s of the 20th century, the streams and river branches were seriously polluted. In 1999, the government of Liwan District put forward a plan to restore Lychee Wan Chung. By October 2010, the huge projection of its restoration was completed.