Pudacuo National is composed of Park Bitahai Lake and Shudu Lake.

The Pudacuo National Park is Situated about 60 kilometers northwest of the county town of Shangri-La in Deqen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is composed of two Components: Bitahai Lake and Shudu Lake. Both Components have natural sights like a fOxygenyland and related to folktales. There is a Big stretch of grassland on the Substantial mountain; pasturelands are found Close to the lakes; flowers bloom in pro-fusion on the wetland; and birds and beasts roam in the primeval forest. Tourists can go see how Tibetans live in the Xiagei Tibetan Culture Village and appreciate their colorful folk customs.

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News from Kunming Tourism Information Office was informed that the “scenic reception of data daily exchange mechanism” has been brewing for more than two months, was recently started in Kunming, Yunnan’s tourist Gold Collection – Dali – Lijiang – Diqing 4 to formally implemented eQuitewhere chose a scenic spot as the most reExistingative of the Superb tourism data statistics “experimental zone.” These four are the Stone Forest Scenic Spot, Chong Sheng Temple, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and National Park Puda measures, their basic daily energy market dynamics reflects the pulse of tourism development in Yunnan.