Every year over a million people take flights to Hong Kong to visit the temple

  If you want know about the traditions of Hong Kong, you should visit Wong Tai Sin Temple. Every year over a million people take flights to Hong Kong to visit the temple between January 1st and 15th to thank the immortal for answering their prayers. You should not miss on visiting the temple during Chinese New Year, if you are interested in looking at the spiritual beliefs of the locals. Numerous worshippers gather outside the temple before midnight and glow incense sticks in the main altar. Facilities of the temple also feature collection of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian literature.
On both sides of the Hollywood street on the central island of Hong Kong there are the most expensive shops selling antiques of all kinds – furniture, carpets, books, prints and much more. At that same place there are situated small art galleries. A man with name Lan Fong Quay runs a number of small galleries. They are located not far from the central gallery.

  Electronics is being sold on the peninsula Mong Kok (north of Tsim Shaa Tsuia) in Hong Kong. Sei Eung Choi Street is the center of electronics stores in Hong Kong, and many shops offer good discounts. The Commercial Centre Yau Shing is the same building, fully stuffed with shops. Even here it is normal to haggle: when buying electronics accurately frame your requirements and ask for desired price. Before you pay by check, make sure everything works, all parts are present, warranty cards are written out and serial numbers on the box correspond to the numbers on the product. Such caution during a shopping tour in Hong Kong is not superfluous – Hong Kong traders according to the law are not obliged to exchange defective goods or return money for it.