Sanya has many natural advantages

  Sanya is situated on the southernmost tip of Hainan Province, lying between 1809° and 1837° latitude almost on the same latitude as Hawaii, and is often called the Hawaii of China or the Hawaii of the Orient, giving it the tropical monsoon climate of this region. Covering an area of 1919.58 square kilometers (about 741 square miles) with 209.1 kilometers (about 130 miles) long coastline, Sanya is renowned for its wonderful sunshine, white sandy beaches, fresh air, and clear water. It is one of the most popular diving destinations in the world and one of the most important destinations for golf tournaments and business conventions in China. It is also a transportation and communications center, as well as one of China’s most important foreign trade ports in the southeast.

   If you are looking for a beautiful beach in China,Sanya is your best choice. It is the only province located in the tropic area in China. A lot of Chinese couples choose Sanya for their honeymood. The Sanya escorts won’t leave any stone unturned as they give you passion. They are very good at the many things that they do and they would essentially take your heart away with total anticipation. These girls are the experts in the field of seduction. They are going to make sure that all your desires will come to life in just a few minutes you spend with them.
  Sanya has many natural advantages. Possessing a number of excellent harbors, Sanya is an important port for import and export of trade with foreign countries and is named the “South Gate of China” and “the remotest cape of the earth” to stress its importance while it plays a vital role in the life of the southern part of China in areas of the economy and politics to transportation. As the economy of the region has developed, Sanya has become much more accessible for tourists and visitors. Domestic and international flights can take you there quickly or a journey by train or ship will take you a little more time but give you more opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty around you.

  If you need a taxi in Sanya, you will have 50% chance to get an unlicensed taxi. Don’t worry, it is safe to take an unlicensed taxi. The only disadvantage is that the driver may overcharge you. The unlicensed taxicabs look the same as the licensed taxicabs and you will not be able to tell the differences. To avoid being overcharged by the driver, you need to negotiate with the driver about the price first. Usually it costs 25-30 rmb from the downtown to Yalongwan, 5 rmb from the downtown to Sanyawan, 8-10 rmb from the downtown to Dadonghai. Another good choice is to pay the taxicab driver 200 rmb for one day. The driver will take you to the places you want for a whole day.