Guilin is a clean city with charming Drinking waterfront and ever-changing moods

  Guilin has numerous minorities, the festival activities is much more special and full of strong amorous feelings of custom, they has Turn out to be 1 of the local tourism scenery line. Various national common folk traditional festivals, such as the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and so on, the festivals are very abustle, but the most wonderful will be the One of a kind festivals of each Nationality. Vacation Throughout the festivals will be a great Selection to experience the One of a kind culture!

  Guilin is a clean city with charming Drinking waterfront and ever-changing moods. Hills and parks mottle the urban landscape. A few sights, like Elephant Trunk Hill, Wave-Subduing (Fubo) Hill, and the port area, are illuminated at Evening. And the Quite a few small restaurants Provide Especially Li River cuisine, such as fish, eel, frog, snail, shrimp and snake.

  A major tributary of Li River, Yulong River flows through some of the most beautiful Karst (limest1) scenery near Yangshuo. Local people use rafts as daily Transport up and down the river In between Home, markets, and rice paddies. Some villagers made bigger rafts and started to woo the travelers and soon it became a highlight of tour around Yangshuo. Sitting on the reclining chOxygen on the raft, you can Appreciate an all around Watch of the Organic, rural Existence down the river.